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First Aid Information

Do not use this first aid information resource as a substitute for a first aid course.
It is only intended as an information guide for people who would like to know a little more about this subject. We would strongly advise people to take a first aid training course with one of the many organisations in their locality. The life you save may be the life you love.

Some Basic First Aid Hints


Bites and Stings




Burns and Scalds

Electric Shock

Epileptic Seizure



Foreign Body



Only remove the object if on the surface

If embedded, pack around it and avoid direct pressure.

Cover with a dressing and bandage.

Seek Medical advice promptly.

If in an EYE:

Do NOT attempt to remove it from the coloured part of the eye.

Only attempt removal if on the surface of the white part of the eye, but NOT if embedded.

Either wash the eye with running water, or gently lift object from the surface with a miostened Stoll's Wedge. If in doubt, or pain persists, cover with a pad and seek medical advice promptly.


Clean with antiseptic solution or soap and water.

Cover with a clean dressing.

Change the dressing daily. Leave open once the wound is dry.


Infant Convulsions


If feverish, remove clothes and allow air to cool the skin.

If unconcious, turn into the Recovery Position and keep the airway open.

Seek prompt medical advice.


Keep victim sitting down with the head tilted slightly FORWARD.

Pinch nostrils shut for AT LEAST 10 minutes.

Do not blow nose for several hours.




Note any stomach pains, vomiting, drowsiness, burning or staining of lips or mouth.

Call Poisons Information Center for specific advice.

Identify poison or save specimen if possible.

If unconcious, give NOTHING by mouth, turn victim promptly into the Recovery Position and call for an ambulance.


Sprains and Bruises


When in doubt, treat as for a broken bone.

Apply a firm, supporting roller bandage.

Support in a raised, comfortable position.

Apply a cold compress for up to 10 minutes.

If pain persists, seek medcal advice. 


These hints will enable you to be of assistance to an injured person in an emergency. Everyone should be trained to give First Aid, and theses notes cannot replace such training. First Aid courses are offered by Red Cross in all States and Territories. Day, evening and weekend courses are held regularly throughout the year at various locations. First Aid kits are available for home, road, workplace or recreation emergencies.