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1. Learning Gemora

Analytical approach to trouble-shooting. Most common difficulties met when trying " learn to learn", traced back to their sources. With practical advice.

1997 edition fully revised. Now includes valuable transcripts from talks given by Rabbi Simcha Wasserman l"cz, regarding basic issues of learning Mishna and Gemora

2. Dynamic Reading. Comprehensive schedule for screening for learning- inefficiencies and reading-efficiency improvement.

  1. First Level - Screening and basic remediation. The basic theory, with common questions and answers.

b. Second Level - Comprehensive survey of problems, screening and advanced remediation techniques.

c. Behind the Scenes - Basic theory.

a. The First Level

b. The Second Level


c. Behind the Scenes (being revised)

i. Screening Workbook Covers reading efficiency, homing in to each person's unique leaning-needs, and screening for side-issues which might be preventing a person from accessing his potential.


ii. Remediation Workbook

3. Sharing Your Torah. Helping your partner learn how to learn Torah - from teaching him to read to teaching him to learn Gemora, Rishonim and Acharonim.

4. Screening Attitudes to Learning. A simple yet powerful system for testing for learning-style, reading readiness, etc.


4. The Basic Steps. A Gemora resource book of basic techniques in attaining the first level of lainess.

  1. PowerWords. Key words and phrases of the Gemora; their meaning and their effect.
  2. Thinking for Yourself. First ten chapters of Ramchal's Derech T'vunos, adapted to be easily understood and easy to apply.

7. Learning (and Teaching) Even Better.

Comprehensive guide to problems commonly encountered when teaching Gemora, with suggestions and resources.

8. A Different Way to Dikduk !. (Part 1) A different approach to learning basic Hebrew Grammar

9. Treasure Trail. A work-book for learning basic Hebrew and Aramaic vocabulary and grammar, easily.

10. Saying Letters and Vowels. Diagrams for saying the letters and vowels

11. Laying Firm Foundations Collection of articles published in the "Preparing for the Future" column of the Israel Yated Ne'eman English-Language Weekend-Edition.

12. Preparing for the Future Guidelines to raising children, based on articles published in the "Preparing for the Future" column of the Israel Yated Ne'eman English-Language Weekend-Edition.

13. Pre-Learning Skills

A schedule of primary skills needed for reading, writing and regular studies. With exercises and games for acquiring those skills, suitable for parents, pre-school rebbeim and kindergarten teachers. Checklist booklet form.

14. Computer Programs

a. DAF-On-A-Disk. Working through a sugya of Gemora- for IBM-compatible with graphics screen, D O S-based, suitable even for old machines. 5 " or 3 " disk

b. Electronic Book - Halochos of the Mincha offering, stories, guidelines to psak, and more.

15. Equipment

a.Funny-Face Flashlight set, including glasses & guide-sheet


b. Worksheets in flip-over easel binder